Let's build change

We lead the change of the voting process on the Internet to guarantee its future.

To build open source solutions to facilitate decision making in any organization.


Our origins are rooted in the universal principles of democracy, liberty, and social justice.

The origin of Vocdoni dates back to 2017, in Barcelona, when a group of professionals from different backgrounds joined forces to develop a tool for the freer and more secure exercise of the civic right to vote.

We are constantly evolving and becoming a more powerful force for the healthy and secure exercise of the right to vote. We are Building the future of voting, together.


Change Builders

Tech Lead

Pau Escrich

Core Developer

Jordi Pinyana

Fullstack Developer

Emmanouil Dimogerontakis

Product Manager

Jordi Aulet

Project Manager

Marta Sancho

Junior Core Developer

Guido Iribarren


Lucas Menéndez