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We are the most open, secure, and universally verifiable voting protocol, used by hundreds of organizations worldwide.

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const election = new Election({
   title: 'Election title',
   description: 'Election description',
   endDate: new Date().getTime() + 10000000,
   voteType: {
     costFromWeight: true,
     costExponent: 20000,

const census = new PlainCensus();

client = new VocdoniSDKClient({
 env: EnvironmentInitialitzationOptions.DEV,
 wallet: signer,
 electionId: 'id',
const vote = new Vote([1, 2, 0, 2, 1]);

FOR developers and integrators

Unlock the potential of digital voting with our easy-to-use API

We bring together everything needed to integrate the most secure and universally verifiable voting protocol.

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Why Vocdoni

Fixing the black box problem

There is no trustless way to know what happens within a vote when using centralized solutions.

With our blockchain, everything happens in the open, so anyone can verify the execution of the voting processes and the integrity of the votes.

Technological innovation as key to trust

Our foundations are supported by the strength of our decentralized technology stack to safeguard a flexible and reliable voting protocol.

Flexible privacy

By using Vocdoni, no personal information is uploaded onto the blockchain, and you can decide the level of privacy for your voters: from public to anonymous using different cryptographic mechanisms such as zkSNARKs and blind-signatures.

Not controlled by a central entity

The PoA blockchain that powers our voting protocol ensures sufficient decentralization to hold voting processes with high guarantees.

Our objective is to become a fully decentralized protocol by second half of 2023, transitioning from PoA to PoS.

Universally verifiable

Our protocol is 100% transparent, auditable in public, universally verifiable and resistant to interferences.

for organiZations and companies

Create a secure voting process in minutes

Vocdoni APP is suitable for simple voting processes such as polls, AGMs, elections, or referendums.

Simple voting, weighted voting, anonymous voting, and encrypted results are all supported.

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